President Trump Post Game-Changing Update on Truth Social

President Trump Post Game-Changing Update on Truth Social

President Trump just released a banger of a statement about his new social media platform Truth Social.


As you know, we’ve been told that it’s coming soon.

Well, a couple of big things to report in this most recent statement.

  1. Truth will launch sooner than later
  2. So soon, as a matter of fact, Trump is now speaking-out directly to the #FreedomTruckers in Canada who are being “canceled” by Facebook.

President Trump’s new statement on Truth is speaking directly to the Canadian Freedom Truckers, and telling them “help” and support is on the way… and to add to that, his message is also a to US truckers who are planning a similar protest from CA to DC.

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President Trump says Truth Social will be ready and there to support them and their movement as well.

Insiders say that the site is just “weeks” from launching…WEEKS!

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This is big, and this is great news!



President Trump is already changing the game with his social media site and it hasn’t even officially launched yet.

Looks like things happening right now in the world are spurring him and his team on to get this done even quicker.

That’s great news for us – because I know just this past week, 7 of my Twitter friend were suspended for either no reason or laughable reasons.

Thanks to tyrannical Big Tech, we’re slowly dissolving into “China,” so having this light at the end of the tunnel, is a godsend.


President Trump just keeps on saving America, doesn’t he?

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