Trump’s Media Platform Truth Social To Launch On Monday; Promises To Fight Against Big Tech’s Tyranny

Trump’s Media Platform Truth Social To Launch On Monday; Promises To Fight Against Big Tech’s Tyranny

According to Reuters, the former president’s new social media platform, Trump Tower, will be available for download in the Apple App Store starting on Monday.

President Donald Trump announced the launch of a platform called Truth Social in October, saying we will use it to “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.” It is being launched under the recently established Trump Media & Technology Group, whose chief executive officer is former Republican Rep. Devin Nunes.

According to Reuters on Thursday, some 500 beta users have already downloaded and used the Truth Social app.

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Earlier this week, the source said that it had obtained pictures of Truth Social posts made by the company’s chief product officer, who stated that the app would be made available to the public on Monday.

“We’re now scheduled to launch on the Apple App store on Monday, February 21,” said an official identified only as Billy B. on the app’s website, according to Reuters.

As reported by the newswire, Liz Willis, a correspondent and vice president of operations at Right Side Broadcasting Network, said she had received an email on Tuesday informing her that “T Media Tech LLC has invited you to participate in Truth Social.”

Willis claims that she was able to download the software, and that individuals have been publishing on the platform for the past 24 hours.

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In addition, conservative podcast presenter Wayne Dupree confirmed to Reuters that he was one of the platform’s beta test participants. Dupree stated that there is no edit button available at this time.

In Dupree’s opinion, “I can see my engagement in Truth Social outgrowing my participation on Twitter because it appears that I am not repressed as I have been on Twitter since 2016,” he stated. “I’d like to share my experiences as a single father. I want my fans to know that I am more than just a politician, and I believe Truth Social will allow my audience to see me in a way that Twitter does not by design.”

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Right-wing figures have continued to accuse Twitter of having a political bias on its platform, despite the fact that the company has consistently denied having a prejudice against conservative viewpoints.

After testing out the beta over the last couple of days, I can safely say there are more than 2,000 account on the Truth Social platform so far. Before President Trump was permanently barred from Twitter and the other major social media platforms, Trump had more than 88 million followers on Twitter’s social media platform.

President Donald Trump said he founded Truth Social in order to fight against the “tyranny of Big Technology.”




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