[VIDEO] Lindsey Graham is Now On Tucker’s Sh*t List and He Better Watch Out…

[VIDEO] Lindsey Graham is Now On Tucker’s Sh*t List and He Better Watch Out…

Lindsey Graham has always walked a fine line between friend and foe, but as of late, his behavior has definitely been leaning towards foe.


RINO foe to be more exact.

Especially with his latest statements against Trump’s intention to pardon the politically persecuted January 6th protesters who deserve it.

As reporter Julie Kelly told Tucker Carlson, Lindsey is following the left’s narrative by condemning the protesters without the presumption of innocence.

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Lindsey is once again doing the lefts’ bidding. It’s the same thing he’s doing with Biden’s SCOTUS nominee.

We don’t even know who it is, and he’s already rubber-stamped this person.

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But we’re on to him. Many of us didn’t trust him back when he pretended to be “MAGA.”

And Lindsey now has a big problem…

He’s on Tuckers sh*t list.


Tucker has Lindsey’s number.

He says Graham has thrown his voters under the bus and doesn’t care about anyone’s interest except for the media.

He’s right.

Watch the video:

You’re officially on MAGA’s enemy list Lindsey… and nothing you can say or do during your next “Hannity” appearance will save you.


Lindsey has shown his true colors, and we should treat him accordingly.

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