[VIDEO] Citizen Journalist Reports “United Nation” Planes Just Landed in Ontario

[VIDEO] Citizen Journalist Reports “United Nation” Planes Just Landed in Ontario

There are a couple of videos floating around which reportedly show United Nations planes in North Bay, Ontario.


The footage comes from “WTF News” where you can see a plane with “UN” written on the tail of it and then in a follow-up video, another person goes to the tarmac where we can clearly see on the side that it says “United Nations.”

I looked online and I can’t find anything to confirm or deny this rumor or explain why the UN planes are there.

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Watch the videos:

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While it’s not outlandish to see the UN in a country, the timing and location have people nervous, if these reports are indeed accurate.

Especially when you consider how much Ontario struggled with the Ambassador Bridge blockade and what a worldwide focal point that border is.


The rumor was that all the “Ottawa cops” who were roughing up the protesters were “foreigners.”

Seeing this plane gets that rumor mill churning even faster.

From NY Times

As protesters swarmed Canada’s capital, Ottawa, for the third weekend in a row to vent their anger about pandemic restrictions, the police in Windsor, Ontario, struggled to tame a blockade at the Ambassador Bridge, a crossing at the U.S. border that is vital to the supply chains of the global automotive industry.

By Saturday night, the bridge was still closed. The police had driven some protesters away in the morning, forming a line to push them back, but others stayed, and the crowd swelled as the day went on, despite frigid temperatures.

“We don’t have a time frame actually, that’s something that we’re not imposing,” Deputy Chief Jason Bellaire of the Windsor police said on Saturday afternoon. “They are professionals, they know what they’re doing, and they are pacing themselves.”

Could the UN be there at Trudeau’s behest?


It’s hard to say, but hopefully, time will reveal what’s really going.

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