UPDATE: [VIDEO] Chicago Man Walks Away From Car Crash Into Nearby Forrest, Never to Be Seen Again 

UPDATE: [VIDEO] Chicago Man Walks Away From Car Crash Into Nearby Forrest, Never to Be Seen Again 


I came upon this bizarre, mysterious story when I was perusing the internet, and I wanted to share it because maybe we can help bring this poor guy home.


His name is Tommy Howe, and he’s a recent college grad, a great young guy who is close to his family and he had a new job lined up, and a great downtown Chicago apartment with friends.

Tommy had everything going for him -sure he was anxious and worried about starting his new life – but he was talking to a therapist about it and his family felt like he was in a great place and his future was just taking off.

Then on the afternoon of January 22nd, Tommy was on his way to meet his family for lunch in the Chicago suburbs, when he hit a guardrail with his car. He ricocheted off the guardrail and hit another two cars.

All the cars involved in the accident, including Tommy, pulled into the median and stopped.

One woman who had kids in the car was making sure they were safe before she exited her vehicle. The other driver and Tommy got out of their cars.

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But instead of exchanging information with the driver, Tommy walked towards a forest persevere and disappeared into the trees.

News Nation Now reported that Tommy Howe is a recent college graduate who just started a new job. The 24-year-old lives in an apartment with friends in downtown Chicago, but a bizarre chain of events Jan. 22 has investigators wondering where he is now.

It started with a crash on a highway in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

Police say he hit a guardrail, then veered back into traffic and hit another car. The two vehicles stopped in the median.

Then, Howe got out and headed toward a nearby forest preserve.

Tommy was never seen again.

His family says Tommy’s car was pretty beat up, and both airbags deployed.


They fear that Tommy maybe suffered a head injury, and that’s why he walked away.

You can watch the video below:

It’s remarkable to me how this young kid just disappeared into thin air.

I wonder why the person who watched him walk away didn’t go after him? Or call the police right away and send someone after him?


How on earth did Tommy have the time to get so deep into the forest preserve that nobody could track him, not even dogs?

Tommy was last seen in Libertyville around Lambs Farm/Old School Forest Preserve. If you live in the area police ask that you check home security camera footage from the weekend of January 22nd for anything unusual. Please contact the Antioch Police Department (847-395-8585) with any information you have.

My heart goes out to this family, I can’t imagine the worry and fear they have, so if we can help by spreading the word about Tommy, it’s the very least we can do to help that poor family.

I know I will pray for Tommy to come home safe and sound; I hope you join me.


I am very sorry to report that Tommy Howe’s body was found in a river. He died from drowning.

Fox 32 reported that the preliminary cause of death was revealed Wednesday for a 24-year-old Antioch man who was pulled from the Des Plaines River Tuesday afternoon.

The Lake County Coroner’s Office says Thomas “Tommy” Howe’s cause of death was drowning, according to preliminary autopsy findings.

Just before 2 p.m. Tuesday, Howe was recovered from the Des Plaines River near Libertyville.

A kayaker who was in the Des Plaines River last Friday saw a jacket along the shoreline that matched the description of the jacket Howe was last seen wearing, authorities said.

The kayaker then called police, which led to a search of the river by area police K9 units and fire department dive teams.

The divers were not able to resume their work until Tuesday afternoon due to unfavorable river conditions, authorities said.

Based on evidence from the scene, the body was preliminary identified as Howe.

Howe had been missing since Saturday, Jan. 22. At approximately 11 a.m. that morning, he was driving from his Chicago apartment to his parents Antioch home, when he was involved in a crash along I-94 near Route 176.

Witnesses reported seeing him walk away from the site of the crash, cross lanes of traffic, and enter the nearby Old School Forest Preserve in Libertyville.

This is terribly sad. I was hoping that Tommy would be found, safe, even though the odds of that were getting slimmer by the day.

I wish that someone would have gone after him when he walked away from the accident. Clearly, he was suffering from a head injury and not in his right mind.

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