[VIDEO] U.S. Trucker Convoy Picks Up Major Steam as it Rolls Towards D.C.

[VIDEO] U.S. Trucker Convoy Picks Up Major Steam as it Rolls Towards D.C.

The U.S. trucker convoy is getting big folks…


There are two different convoys coming from the East Coast and the Midwest, which will converge in D.C. where they plan to meet with several members of the GOP.

It’s a very well-organized movement, and it’s no wonder why it’s gaining more and more interest.

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The latest video of the convoy is out of Arizona and honestly, it’s a sight to behold.

You see lines, upon lines of trucks rushing down the freeway while people wave American flags on the overpass.


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You love to see it!

Watch the video:

It’s amazing to see these American truckers rolling in and apparently they’re pleasantly overwhelmed by the support they’re seeing along their journey.

The Review Journal reported that on the roughly 280-mile drive to Golden Valley, the convoy passed hundreds of people who had taken to overpasses — even in the most remote stretches of desert — to wave flags and cheer the protest on. Rolling into the restaurant lot Wednesday night, hundreds of cars lined the route, some with amber hazard lights flashing in the darkness.

Onlookers chanted and waved flags as they welcomed the convoy to a desert outpost just outside Kingman, Arizona

“I was speechless,” Pflughoeft said. “It was humbling.”

Travis Bevelheimer, a trucker from Oberlin, Kansas, said the amount of support he saw for the demonstration was overwhelming.

“Man, the only way I could describe it was that I was very proud to be an American, very proud to be part of this,” he said of the atmosphere driving into Golden Valley.

It warms the heart to know that these truckers feel the impact they’re having on their fellow Americans.


This convoy is shaping up to be one for the record books.

H/T Western Journal

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