Talk Show Host Wendy Williams Rushes Into Court After Wells Fargo Freezes Her Account, Citing “Possible Dementia” 

Talk Show Host Wendy Williams Rushes Into Court After Wells Fargo Freezes Her Account, Citing “Possible Dementia” 

This is a scary story, no matter what you think of Wendy Williams, who I personally think is politically looney-tunes.


But what’s happening to her is scary, especially since we’ve seen so much overreach by financial institutions lately.

And there’s also a bit of irony in this story, which I’ll explain in a minute.

But the gist of this story is that Wendy Williams has “rushed” into court to take on Wells Fargo, after they froze her account, with “several million” in it, because they fear the former talk show host might have dementia.

First off, who the hell are they to just “freeze” someone out of their money over “possible” fear of anything?

This is insanity.

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And second, isn’t it ironic that Wendy has been frozen out of her bank account for possible “dementia” while Joe Biden is sitting in the White House?

I’m sure you see the “irony” in that, right? 

Radar Online has reported that Wendy Williams has reportedly rushed to court demanding that they order her bank, Wells Fargo, to unfreeze access to her accounts that have allegedly been denied to the talk show host for weeks despite holding millions of dollars worth of her money.

According to The Sun, the 57-year-old absentee host of The Wendy Williams Show recently asked a court for an emergency order to unfreeze her accounts with Wells Fargo as they deny her access to her accounts due to their fear of “financial exploitation, dementia or undue influence.”

Williams’ filing to the court claims that her bank is in possession of “several million dollars’ worth of funds” that allegedly belong to the writer and actress, although she has been denied the funds for more than two-weeks’ time.
Her attorney also reportedly argued that Williams’ former financial advisor told the bank that she “was of unsound mind,” leading to the temporary freezing of her accounts and funds.

According to Wells Fargo’s client agreement, they have the right to “‘pause or reject instructions for a proposed transaction, pending judicial or administrative remedies, should they suspect financial exploitation, dementia, or undue influence,” which they are evidently exercising with Williams as their client.


Williams’ attorney also argues that Wells Fargo has taken advantage of their authority, because the talk show host has reportedly not attempted any transaction that would put the bank in a position to “pause or reject” access to her funds.

The legal team representing the ailing host are hoping to secure court orders so their client can have “access to her financial accounts, assets, and statements,” because, according to their argument, Williams is in “imminent and irreparable financial damage.”

Now, I don’t know what is actually going on with Wendy. I know she’s had some public issues lately with her talk show position and there have been accusations about her mental health. Perhaps she does have dementia, I don’t know.

But what I do know is that a bank should wait for the family to provide proper documentation before just cutting someone off from all of their money.

This is a very slippery slope that nobody should go down.

And this move follows “GoFundMe” canceling the Freedom Truckers donation page that had over 10 million dollars. After they canceled it, they said they would donate any unclaimed money to “approved charities.” After backlash, they opted to just refund everyone. Again, another slippery slope.


These financial institutions are taking way too many liberties and as we all know, if you give them an inch, in a matter of weeks, they’ll have taken MILES from you.


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