Former ESPN Voice Jason Whitlock Says “A Women In Power Is Completely Out Of Her Role”

Former ESPN Voice Jason Whitlock Says “A Women In Power Is Completely Out Of Her Role”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jason Whitlock didn’t mention Harris Faulkner or Condi Rice in his statement, but these exceptional women do a great job in their positions and I fully disagree with his statement, but each of us have our own opinions.

On Tucker Carlson’s Fox Nation program this week, Jason Whitlock expressed his thoughts on women and women in leadership, as well as his experiences with women.

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According to the sports pundit, who is now a staple on the right-wing Blaze Media, his opinions on women often lead to his being referred to as a “sexist pig.”

He said, “I’m not bothered that I’m being labeled as such, because patriarchy is a wonderful thing.” Whitlock is a self-described sexist pig. It’s exactly what God had in mind. Men are meant to take the initiative, to be the ones who go out in front and take chances.

We are the ones who bear responsibility. Every Wednesday, I have a panel of pastors on my program, and we spend the whole hour talking about it. “Once again, this is only applicable if you hold to a Biblical worldview.” Whitlock threw in his two cents.

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Later, Whitlock shared his own understanding of what God spoke to Adam and Eve when they were in the Garden of Eden.

What are you doing here? Why are you lying down, why are you pretending that Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and Stacey Abrams are the ones who can rescue us? Whitlock went on as if he were God, speaking to Adam in the third person.

“This is crazy, and she is utterly out of her element,” Whitlock said. “I really apologize if this portrays me as a sexist pig, but it is what I think.”

“I mean, that’s simply an insult to get you to shut up,” Carlson said in response to Whitlock’s use of the phrase “sexist pig” in his response.

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“Why are you not permitted to express that perspective, and why is that so controversial?” Carlson inquired. Every culture, from the dawn of time until roughly twenty minutes ago, had this view.

Whitlock said, “Social media determines what is permissible thinking, and social media has determined that you are not allowed to second guess whatever the left supports.”



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