Whitmer Just Got Some Very Bad News About Her Chances For Re-Election

Whitmer Just Got Some Very Bad News About Her Chances For Re-Election

We’ve known for a long time that Gretchen Whitmer is in serious trouble.


She way overstepped her bounds in Michigan during the pandemic, stretching out the shutdowns, punishing businesses, and essentially ruling over her citizens like a dictator.

All while she was enjoying the “elite” liberal life, taking trips to Florida in a private plane.

Thankfully, the Republicans in that state could step in and end her tyrannical reign, but unfortunately for Whitmer, the damage was done and the citizens of Michigan don’t seem too keen on forgiving her.

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According to the latest poll numbers, Whitmer’s opponent Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig is leading her by eight points with independent voters.

From Breitbart

The survey found that 41 percent of independents would vote for Craig, compared to just 33 percent support for Whitmer. Overall, Whitmer’s lead is less than one percent, bringing the race to a statistical tie, with 44.3 percent of likely voters supporting her, compared to 43.7 percent for Craig.

The Blueprint Polling survey polled 632 Michigan voters from February 1-4.

The difference between Craig and Whitmer is evidenced by their response to the Canadian Freedom Convoy protesting onerous vaccine mandates and public health regulations.

Whitmer said the protesters are engaging in an “illegal blockade” and that they “do not have a right to illegally block these international borders where we have so much commerce.” Michigan’s governor even called on the Canadian government to “do whatever it takes” to end the protests.

On the other hand, Craig stood in solidarity with the protesters. “I stand with the truckers. I support all working people who are standing up for personal freedom,” Craig said. “What we are seeing is a tremendous lack of leadership from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Joe Biden and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.”

Well, this can’t be too surprising…

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Gretchen has always been more interested in being Biden’s VP than Michigan’s governor.

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