Winsome Sears Just Found Most Ingenious Way to Get Under Dems’ Skin

Winsome Sears Just Found Most Ingenious Way to Get Under Dems’ Skin

Winsome Sears is probably one of the greatest Lieutenant Governors this country has ever had.


She’s a breath of fresh air. She’s strong, smart, and clever.

And she’s got the left’s number, and she knows exactly how to get under their skin, and poke, poke, poke.

Yes, part of the reason she’s so good at that is that she’s a Black conservative woman. According to the left, she’s not supposed to be a “Republican.”

They think Winsome should be a dutiful Dem, toeing the race-baiting line, and playing the victim role.

But that’s not Winsome.

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She’s an independent firecracker with a fuse a mile long, and she’s lit that fuse and is popping off on Dems.

I saw this new tweet of hers and I loved it. She’s jabbing at the left, needling them, poking them where it hurts most, and she does it so well.

Her tweet today was a well-placed right-hook at the left’s “Black Caucus” in the House of Representatives.

That’s a really misleading name because it’s not really a “Black Caucus.” It’s a “Black Democrat Caucus” and that’s what they should name it because there are no black GOP representatives allowed.

And Winsome has a problem with that. reported that Del. A.C. Córdova, R-Hampton, the only Black Republican in the legislature, said Thursday he was denied membership to the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus and lambasted the group’s agenda as “leftist.”

In an emotive speech on the House floor, Cordoza said he had requested membership to the caucus, but had made it clear he did not support the caucus’ agenda, including its support for unions, insurance coverage for abortions and gun control legislation.
“I asked myself what any of those things mentioned have to do with being Black? The answer is, it has nothing to do with being Black,” Cordoza said.

“It’s about being leftists. And that means that the caucus is not about being Black. It’s about being leftists.”


Winsome got wind of the story and trust me, she had something to say about it… and good for her.

Here’s what she said: “We’re trying to start a new caucus. Name suggestions? The You’re Not Black Enough Caucus The No More Division Caucus The Welcome Caucus The Let’s Do Away With Caucuses Caucus The FRIEND Caucus #Virginia #inclusion #everforward

It’s great to see Winsome calling out the left this way. They’re incredibly non-inclusive but portray themselves to be such inclusive/loving people.

It’s hogwash.


The reality is this – the left is about labels and division only.

And this story here is yet another example of that.

Glad we’ve got Winsome to help fight back.

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