Police Release Photos From Bob Saget’s Hotel Room From The Night He Died

Police Release Photos From Bob Saget’s Hotel Room From The Night He Died

There has been so much mystery surrounding Bob Saget’s death.


And fans of Bob’s took a very heartfelt interest in the investigation and wanted to understand what happened to the beloved comedian.

The police caused a lot of confusion and sparked conspiracy theories when they announced that Saget suffered head trauma to the back of his head, and claimed at first that it was likely from the bed’s headboard.

Then, the autopsy came out, and it showed that Bob had a fractured skull and brain bleeding.

How on earth could that have happened on a headboard, when you’re by yourself? It made no sense.

But since that time, a new theory came out, that suggested Bob likely had a backward fall, most likely in the bathroom, hit his head, and then went to sleep and died.

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Now, in trying to be transparent with a very suspicious public, the police have released photos from Bob’s hotel room from the night he died.

Page Six reported that photos of Bob Saget’s hotel room where he was found dead set the scene for what may have happened.

On Tuesday, Orlando, Fla., authorities released images of the Ritz-Carlton suite the late comic had been staying in – and give a look at the padded headboard that may have caused Saget’s fatal head injury.

The bathroom photos show a towel in the tub and toiletries on the counter, so it’s likely he used the water closet before going to bed.

Police believe he may have hit his head on the bed’s headboard sometime after 2 a.m. and had gone to sleep, thinking nothing of it.

Saget died on Jan. 9 and the chief medical examiner concluded a few weeks later that he died from “the result of blunt head trauma.”

“The authorities have determined that Bob passed from head trauma. They have concluded that he accidentally hit the back of his head on something, thought nothing of it and went to sleep,” the family said in a subsequent statement.

“No drugs or alcohol were involved.”


The autopsy, later obtained by Page Six, also revealed that Saget, who died at age 65, had several skull fractures, along with abrasions to his scalp and some bleeding and contusions to his brain.

“It is most probable that the decedent suffered an unwitnessed fall backward and struck the posterior aspect of his head,” the report stated, adding, “The manner of death is accident.”

Here are the photos from Saget’s room:


After Saget’s widow, Kelly Rizzo, filed a lawsuit attempting to prevent the release of records relevant to the death investigation from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the county medical examiner’s office, a court temporarily delayed the publication of his autopsy results.

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