[VIDEO] Why Does Biden Get So Angry When He’s Asked Very Simple Questions?

[VIDEO] Why Does Biden Get So Angry When He’s Asked Very Simple Questions?

Biden really is the definition of a cranky old fart.


He’s always had a reputation of running off at the mouth, but as he’s aged, and “cognitive issues” have taken over, it’s gotten progressively worse.

Often Joe can be found trading insults with reporters and “regular people” who dare to ask him the “wrong” thing.

Remember when he called that one Dem voter “fat” for asking a legit question about crackhead Hunter?

Which begs the question: does this guy have any control over his emotions or what he says?

The short answer is no, he does not.

This video compiles all of Biden’s most recent outbursts he’s had with reporters who ask him the “wrong” question and it really makes you wonder, who’s the “real bully” in politics, Trump or Biden?

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What’s really odd is that sometimes Biden’s responses don’t even make sense.

Like when he was caught on a hot mic calling Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a b*tch,”

The guy was just trying to ask a simple question about inflation.

But this is who Joe Biden has always been – an arrogant elitist who’s always used his position of power to trample on the people beneath him.

The “Uncle Joe” garbage was just a cover for his smug elitism. Joe Biden has always been an ornery a**hole.


And it’s gotten a heck of a lot worse with age and “disease.”

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