Trump Supporter Just Came Up With Quick/Clever Fix For All Biden’s “Speech Issues”

Trump Supporter Just Came Up With Quick/Clever Fix For All Biden’s “Speech Issues”

As you’ve likely heard by now, Joe Biden’s SOTU speech was a disaster.


I could sit here and list off all the flubs, slurring, and wrong words, but we’d be here all day.

Instead, I found this handy video that captures most of the night’s biggest low-lights in one convinient place.


It was a forgetful speech, except for all the mistakes he made.

Those we all very memorable.

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As USA today pointed out, Biden needed to knock it out of the park in order to move that polling needle.

But he didn’t do that. Not because he didn’t want to, but because he simply can’t.

Biden doesn’t have the mental or physical fitness to knock anything out, he’s lucky that it didn’t go worse — because it could have, believe it or not.

Joe had another epic battle with the teleprompter, and the teleprompter won.


But never fear, Joe…

One clever Trump supporter has come up with a brilliant idea that will save you and the country embarrassment, and actually allow us to understand what the heck you’re talking about.

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No more fighting with that pesky teleprompter, Joe.

Now, you can just swing it around and let us read it for ourselves.

That way you can go take a nap and we can figure out what’s actually going on.

Win/win, right?


“This would be so much easier if Biden would just turn the Teleprompter around and allow us to read the speech for ourselves.”

I think it’s a great idea, don’t you?

Here’s what some folks online had to say:

“At least we could understand it then.”

“But not nearly as much laughs for us” 

“True. We would know what he was trying to say regarding the rust belt perhaps”

“Classic. Well played. And true…”

“Kamala was clearly reading it the whole time. Only way to understand him.”

“Could be done in 10 minutes and not have to see Pelosi in the background.”

“You can’t build a wall high enough to keep out a vaccine LOL” 

“he saw the word “mask” on the teleprompter and tried reaching for it in his suit, crazy”

“Exactly. I got a headache try to say his words for him into the TV and I can’t see the teleprompter. Shish!”

I think it’s settled. We’ll do the reading, and plotting and Joe can nap.


If we do this, we might actually make it through the next 3 years in one piece.

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