[VIDEO] Serious Questions Raised About Biden’s “Mental Faculties” After Reporter Brings Up “Regime Change” Comment

[VIDEO] Serious Questions Raised About Biden’s “Mental Faculties” After Reporter Brings Up “Regime Change” Comment

Many people are wondering if Joe Biden is “fit” to serve.


Most of America doesn’t believe he’s mentally fit to be playing “president” of the United States and for good reason.

He makes blunder after blunder and takes zero responsibility for anything he says or does.

Whenever Joe is called out on something, it’s always the American people’s fault. Somehow or another we’re misunderstanding the “context” or we’re just not sharp enough to “get it.”

This is ironic coming from a man who most people agree should play BINGO at a nursing home, not occupy the White House.

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But Joe Biden, even though he’s likely riddled with dementia, is still an arrogant SOB… that personality flaw still shines through, even though he’s a senile, confused buffoon.

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But his latest response to a reporter about his irresponsible and dangerous comment about Putin being removed from power has made many people pause and ask some tough questions about Bisen’s mental faculties.

It’s clear by how Biden (rudely and cluelessly) answered this question, that he’s so far detached from reality, that I don’t think there’s any hope for him whatsoever.


Even the reporter appears taken aback.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“I am not one to get too much into the Biden is mentally ill stuff, but this response here has me concerned.” 

“I don’t get it. How can this man be so out of touch with the American people and how they feel?” 

“Joe Biden gave Russia the biggest propaganda gift that Russia could have ever asked for. Joe Biden is a disaster.”

“There’s an anger level that he’s displaying that really makes me uncomfortable. He seems unhinged.” 

“If Biden doesn’t understand how important it is to pick your words carefully in a tense foreign policy situation, then maybe he should step down” 

“Every single day I regret more and more my vote for this man. He sounds so out there.” 

“The adults are back in charge, baby lol” 

“Journalist actually asks a decent logical question. POTUS lies & denies what we all heard him say. Just another routine day for dementia man.”

“Old man gets feelings hurt, while answering questions on what he said… what a f**king joke this administration is. When will “We the People” have adult leadership again?”

“I am really worried right now, because this guy doesn’t seem to remember being there making the speech…”

“Biden is the most dangerous idiot in office since Carter.”

“He’s a 5-Star Failed Foreign Policy Expert, that’s for sure!!”

“everyone believes Biden was talking about removing Putin, and this clown doesn’t remember saying it. why is he still in office? seriously” 

Most of our media and the DC Swamp are trying to normalize this dementia behavior, and we can’t allow that to happen.

I will say this woman reporter asked a good/tough question, but more push-back should have come from her side. She should have had that clip queued up on her iPhone and played it back for him, and demanded he explain every syllable that he uttered.


Joe Biden and his broken brain need to be held accountable, before all of us end up dead in a WW3 nightmare.

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