Conservative Pundit Slams White Houses’ Absurd New Excuse For Biden’s “Dementia Drivel”

Conservative Pundit Slams White Houses’ Absurd New Excuse For Biden’s “Dementia Drivel”

Forner Newsmax host and online conservative influencer John Cardillo has a real problem with the new excuse the White House has for Joe Biden’s dementia spells.


As you know, early on we were told the reason Biden sounds so jumbled up is that he has a “childhood stuffer.”

That’s right, Biden doesn’t know where he is, or the difference between his wife and his sister because of a “childhood stutter.”

And that worked for a couple of weeks. Every time anyone said anything negative about some blunder Biden made, a swarm of online bots would attack you and say, “DO YOU LIKE MAKING FUN OF PEOPLE WITH A CHILDHOOD STUTTER???”

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The main issue with that excuse, besides the fact that it was categorically absurd, was that if you go back and listen to Joe Biden’s past speeches, you can’t find this s0-called “childhood stutter.”

It’s as if his childhood stutter just started in 2020.

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I guess it was a delayed reaction?

So, that excuse didn’t have legs and had to be retired pretty quickly, and they went a while with no safety net for Joe’s blunders.

But finally, things got so bad in Europe, they had to come up with a new excuse.


So, out went the “childhood stutter,” and in walked the “moral outrage/personal opinions” excuse.

Yep, now, when Joe has a dementia moment, it’s not his broken brain, it’s just him having a “personal moment.”

Um…. what?

Here’s what John said: “The new excuse for Biden’s dementia drivel is that it’s only his personal opinion and that he’s not speaking as president, even though he’s making the comments during official press conferences.”

And they’re putting the new excuse to work right away.


So, now, we’re to believe that whenever Biden goes off his “script” or ignores his “flashcards” it’s simply because he’s not acting like the so-called “president,” and has just morphed into a “Regular Joe”… is that how this works?


Will the rest of the world get the memo, so we don’t get nuked when the magical transformation occurs?

I dunno know about you, but I think the “childhood stutter” excuse worked better.

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