[VIDEO] New Yorkers Have a Message For Joe: “Retire, We Want Trump Back”

[VIDEO] New Yorkers Have a Message For Joe: “Retire, We Want Trump Back”

Americans all over the country are having “Biden remorse,” even in ultra-liberal cities like New York.


As gas prices soar to historic highs, and Biden’s admin brush it off and tell Americans to just go buy a 55K electric car, and inflation at the grocery stores and beyond is choking the middle-class, they have one message for Biden:

Retire, we want Trump back.

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That’s right, a bunch of disgusted New Yorkers are speaking out on how Biden is doing in his job as pretend “president” and it’s not good news for the shaky old buffoon.

When asked if Biden was flipping through the channels and saw them on TV, what would they say to him, New Yorkers didn’t hold back.

They told him “wake up,” and “do a better job,” and “retire, we want Trump back.”

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Amen. We sure do.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

The people are finally waking up” 

“You know it’s bad when New York hates your liberal guts” 

“Wait until gas is 10 bucks a gallon”

“They think this is bad, let’s see how they feel when WW3 starts, because it’s coming” 

“Joe Biden might make New Yorkers MAGA voters” 

“It took a fake pandemic, a fake election, and a fake president to open people’s eyes to how great Trump really was” 

The entire world has gone to hell in a handbasket.

But it’s not because Biden is a bumbling fool -yes, he is that, too – but many people believe this is all part of the great reset plan.


Turn everything to rubble and then build it back “Globalist-Green” style.

Seems to be exactly what they’re doing… and nothing like WW3 to kick things up a notch, right?

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