[VIDEO] Biden Suggests Americans Who Are “Underwater” Just Don’t Understand How Great His Economy Is

[VIDEO] Biden Suggests Americans Who Are “Underwater” Just Don’t Understand How Great His Economy Is

Joe Biden was shuffled off to Philly, where he spoke at the House Dems retreat.

A “retreat” of blithering idiots.


And while he was there, he discussed the economy and bragged about how great things are right now.

I really get annoyed watching Biden tout all these “historic” numbers of “job creation” and record-low this and that. It’s total BS. He’s not creating “new” jobs.

He says he’s created around 6 million – yet we lost around 10 million, thanks to Fauci’s lockdowns.

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Much of the jobs Joe’s bragging about are actually jobs that we lost during the Fauci reign of terror that are just now coming back.

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Don’t be fooled, Joe Biden is not a “job creator.”

Give me a break.

And he’s got a new reason to explain why nobody realizes how “great” he and his economy are — according to Joe, people who are “underwater” just don’t understand how great the American Recovery Act is…


Hmmm. Really, Joe?

You can watch the video below:

I went and found the full clip, to make sure they did not take this out of context, and it wasn’t.

The only thing clipped was Biden saying “understandably” at the end of insulting poor people. Like, it’s “understandable” they’re so dumb.

Stupid peasants just can’t be expected to understand the intricacies of Dementia Man’s plans.

If you want to watch the full remarks, you can click here. The comments start at the 14:10 mark.

Here’s what people online are saying about this comment:

“You’re too dumb to understand economics, let us handle it.”

“Democrat criminal election fraud to install a corrupt demented puppet run by communist handlers who hate America and want it destroyed has consequences.”

“This guy has always been a smug asshole racist. Skating through live on unearned status, staring down his nose at people he sees as inferior.”

“Has anyone told this stup*d mfer only the thieves like him are getting kickbacks out of this. The people see none of this money.”

“This installed imposter is absolutely clueless how Americans view him. He is an utter failure propped up by Pelosi and the MSM.”

“Joe Biden 2024 – Poor People Who Barely Survive Are Stupid”

“Translation: The plebs are too poor and stupid to understand how inflation works”

“The economy is awesome, it’s too bad you’re too poor to notice….”

“Hey all you working class deplorables, you’re too stupid to understand.” This is what the elites think of you.”

“So, our sitting President just publicly called out a good majority of Americans as stupid & unable to comprehend politics, legislation, etc. Great Job Brandon! Unbelievable! “

“Calling a good amount of Americans dumb is a solid way to get those approval numbers up”

“If he truly believes this and isn’t just talking out his diaper, we are more screwed than we thought..”

Comments like this really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Joe Biden has always been an elitist snob who thinks he’s better than everyone else. That “Uncle Joe” from Scranton stuff was just a load of malarkey.

Remember, this is the man who said poor kids are just as smart as white kids.


Joe is an old-school rich white guy and a raging racist… and no amount of dementia or Alzheimer’s will ever change that.

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