[VIDEO] Biden Voter Gets Confronted at Gas Pump And is Handed a Hilarious Gift He Doesn’t Want

[VIDEO] Biden Voter Gets Confronted at Gas Pump And is Handed a Hilarious Gift He Doesn’t Want

I don’t know about you, but if I was dumb enough to have voted for Bumbling Joe Biden and I had a bumper sticker on my car, I’d have the common sense to scrape that thing off and go undercover so nobody knew I had any part in this circus.


Apparently, this young guy at a gas station doesn’t have that type of common sense.

He was approached by a Trump supporter while he was pumping gas and hilarity ensued.

And as you likely know, gas prices which were already high thanks to Biden ending President Trump’s amazing energy policy that had us nearly energy independent, are even higher now, thanks to Biden and his cronies turning a regional conflict in Europe into a worldwide calamity.

Now, Putin controls all our energy, and the cost of crude oil per barrel is soaring, and middle-class America is suffering.

What’s Biden’s answer to this nightmare? Oh, just go out and buy a 55K electric car, you stupid peasant.

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Now, in Biden’s America, the average tank of gas is 4 dollars a gallon and expected to go up to at least 7 dollars a gallon in no time flat.

This young, dumb Biden voter doesn’t understand that, though.

When he was asked if he felt dumb for voting for “5 dollar a gallon gas,” he said it was Trump’s fault.

Huh? Why are these people so ignorant? 

The guy behind the camera told him that was the dumbest thing he’s ever heard and then handed him a hilarious hoodie that says “Joe Biden Touched Me.”

The look on the guy’s face says it all.


You can watch the video below:


♬ LONG LIVE FRANCE – Imperial France 🇫🇷

Ha. What a great way to sell hoodies. Very creative and very smart marketing.


If you’d like to check out their “offensive hoodies” you can find them here.

I just looked and they have some great “Let’s Go Brandon” stuff.

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