“Black News Channel” Abruptly Shuts Down After Averaging Less Than 10K Viewers a Night

“Black News Channel” Abruptly Shuts Down After Averaging Less Than 10K Viewers a Night

I was not aware there was a “Black News Channel” that was dedicated to sharing news for black folks.


I have never heard of it until now.

And apparently, that is part of the problem, and likely one reason that they’re abruptly calling it quits — lack of marketing.

Granted, I am not black, but I am in the “media” business, and I know about a lot of minority-based news outlets, for Arabic people, Hispanics, etc., but this one I did not know about.

The Hill reported that Black News Channel, whose majority stake owner is Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan, is shutting down as soon as Friday, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing two people familiar with the matter.

The people briefed on the matter told the newspaper that Khan did not want to continue investing in the news outlet. Employees were told on Thursday that their paychecks would be delayed and the company did not make payroll the following day.

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The newspaper reported the company could make an announcement that it is ceasing operations Friday.

Owners tried to sell Black News Channel to Entertainment Studios, but those efforts were unsuccessful, the newspaper noted.

According to the Times, employees were angry and surprised by the anticipated announcement. The development comes only a couple of years after Black News Channel launched in 2020.


Nielsen data showed that the news outlet has an average audience size of less than 10,000 viewers despite a reach of 50 million satellite and cable households.

The news outlet was established to provide news coverage to people of color and included Khan’s $50 million investment. Black News Channel hired many employees that came from notable news organizations who agreed with the company’s mission, the Times noted.

One of the news outlet’s top executives, Princell Hair, previously led CNN’s U.S. operations.


Well, as soon as you see “CNN” anywhere, you know it’s likely going to be a flop.

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