[VIDEO] Biden Wanders Onto WH Set Talking to Someone Named “Brandon”

[VIDEO] Biden Wanders Onto WH Set Talking to Someone Named “Brandon”

It appears that Joe Biden has a “friend” by the name of “Brandon.”


What are the odds, right?

In a very awkward and bizarre moment, Joe Biden wandered out onto his White House set, looking very unsteady on his feet, moving slowly, and seemingly very fragile.

He carefully pulled out a chair, almost as if he’s fully aware of all his body’s limitations, and started talking to a man named “Brandon.”

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Biden sits down, and says, “Brandon, can you hear me?”

And just when you think maybe Joe is having a hallucination about his alter ego, “Let’s Go Brandon,” a male voice responds to Joe and says, that yes, he can hear him.

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That was a close one…

Pay attention to Joe Biden’s mouth. He makes some odd movements with his mouth during this strange exchange.


You can watch the video below:

This is amusing in terms of “bad timing” to have a buddy named Brandon, but besides that, holy cow, does Joe look feeble.

I’ve never seen a political admin with such bad optics.

It’s as if God himself is punishing Biden and his Handlers, and just turning every single thing they touch into complete garbage.

They can’t do anything right… even walking out onto a fake WH set, and chatting with someone named Brandon.

And that’s exactly how it should be.


Cheaters should never win or prosper.

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