[VIDEO] British Reporters ROAST “Unstable” Nancy Pelosi LIVE On Air… The World is Laughing At America

[VIDEO] British Reporters ROAST “Unstable” Nancy Pelosi LIVE On Air… The World is Laughing At America

The foreign press is once again doing the job the US press should do, and that would be reporting on these buffoons we have in office; namely, the top three bozos – 1) Biden 2) Harris 3) Pelosi.


Biden and Pelosi are clearly suffering from cognitive issues. Pelosi might also be suffering from vodka issues.

Kamala seems to have her wits about her, but the problem for her is that she doesn’t have that many “wits” to work with.

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And everybody sees this.

We see it, Dems, GOP, and media sees it. But half the country is ignoring it because they don’t want to admit they made a mistake.

They think if they say nothing, Joe’s dementia, or whatever disease he has, will just go away.

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But that’s not happening.

And like I said, it’s not just Joe who appears to be losing his last marble.

Nancy Pelosi is in the same boat, and she actually may be worse off than Joe.

And the British media has taken notice and they’re not holding back.

They absolutely roasted her and a recent incoherent press conference she delivered.


You can watch the video below:

The world is literally laughing at us right now.


It’s both embarrassing and dangerous, and the American people deserve better.

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