[VIDEO] Look At This Ungodly LONG LINE at Tesla Charging Station

[VIDEO] Look At This Ungodly LONG LINE at Tesla Charging Station

The Biden admin is trying to put the “green squeeze” on Americans. They want you to switch from your terrorist-loving gas-guzzler car to an electric car, so this $5 dollar per gallon gas is coming in handy right now.


They can (falsely) blame it on Putin, and then urge you to get an electric car so you don’t have to pay the outrageous gas prices.

The main problem with that is most people who can’t afford $5 gas, also can’t afford a 50K electric car.

But it’s even more than the cost.

Is this country even ready to have millions and millions more electric car drivers on the road? What about charging stations? Are there enough of them? Is there enough power to handle such a massive surge of people plugging in?

Does everyone realize we need a lot of coal to power all these charges?

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And speaking of these charging stations – what if you have somewhere you need to be, and your car is about out of a charge, and you show up to a charging station, and there are 15 cars in front of you.

Then what?

Well, that’s precisely what appears to be going on at this mall in California, where there’s a line about 15-cars deep to charge up.

I decided to look up and see how long it would take to charge your electric car at a public charging station.

The information is a tad bizarre:


Charging an electric car can be done at home or at any public charging stations. Fully charging a car can be done in just 30 minutes, or it may take as long as half a day. How big your battery is, or how fast your charging point is may change the time required.

So, 30 minutes or half the bloody day? Uh, okay…

Well, there are about 15 cars in that line, and about 5 charging stations – now, I am not a math whizz, but that poor guy in the back of the line will wait for a couple of hours, maybe 2 days, to charge his car???

Sounds fun.

You can watch the video below:

@nettieohBiden said you could drive across the country on one tank of gas in electric car.♬ original sound – NettieOh

Here are comments from folks online:

“Alert: California has asked EV owners to stop charging because it’s putting a strain on the electric grid”

“same people waiting inline to get vaccinated”

“It’s a great tech that’s not ready for primetime in the US. We don’t have the infrastructure for it to be useful yet.”

“so the car takes around 30 minutes to charge. so the guy in the back could be waiting about 2 to 3 hours”

“Higher demand means the electricity costs will sky rocket. Worse situation than we are in now.”

“you vote democrat and we will be lining up for everything”

“moving too fast the government is….everything is done on purpose”

“Okay, this is a great idea in theory but we’re not ready for it.”

“for my ev it takes 6 hrs to get to 90%”

“Takes few minutes to fill up on gas, whiles it takes hours to charge up battery. Still not ready for this.”

This is 100 percent correct. We’re not ready. We don’t have the infrastructure built to handle this and we also don’t have the lifestyle for it.

America is very much a fast-paced place, where many people drive very far distances to get to work or to do their job, and stopping and waiting hours for a “charge” will not work for a huge portion of the population.


It’s great to encourage people who have a lifestyle that works for this to buy electric, but to try to “strong-arm” the entire country into this when we’re nowhere near ready is so irresponsible and wrong.

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