[VIDEO] Pete Buttigieg’s Husband Leads Kids in Pledge of Allegiance to Gay Pride Rainbow

[VIDEO] Pete Buttigieg’s Husband Leads Kids in Pledge of Allegiance to Gay Pride Rainbow

There has been a lot of talk lately about the left and their chokehold on children.


Many people believe that progressives are trying to indoctrinate kids at an early age with their twisted ideology.

This includes, but is not limited to creating massive anxiety over “climate change” and encouraging children, who can’t even decide what crayons to color with, to question their gender and sexuality.

Two things that most “emotionally stable” adults don’t even contemplate.

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To push that garbage on kids, and not allowing them to just be carefree children is child abuse if you ask me.

There’s no reason on earth that small kids should be dealing with huge issues like that.

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But that’s what many believe the left is doing.

Manipulation and indoctrination.

From controlling kids with mask mandates to pushing the LGBTQ lifestyle on them, many of today’s children are so confused and depressed, they don’t know which way is up.


This brings us to a video I saw online.

It’s a video of Mayor Pete’s husband, Chasten, leading a group of kids at a “gay camp” in a “pledge” to the gay rainbow.

Conservative Matt Walsh shared the clip and said this: This is from the Amazon Prime documentary “Mayor Pete.” They proudly filmed and aired this moment.

Nobody noticed until now because nobody watched the documentary.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online said:

“What’s the point of this? Pledge of allegiance to the LGBTQIA2S+ flag? Why?”

“Can we please stop bastardizing the pledge of allegiance?”

“Child predators.”

“Shameful. What parents would allow their children to be manipulated like this?”

“There shouldn’t be “sexuality” camps for children. Sick & wrong!”

“let kids be kids! They should be playing on the playground! Learning the Pledge of Allegiance with the American flag. We are all Americans first!”

“It was bad enough when I thought this was just some random loser with no support system trying to brainwash kids into being gay, but ofc ….this is The US Secretary of Transportation’s husband brainwashing kids to be gay”


“Yeah, this’ll get our future secured. Sick bastard.”

“Absolutely gross and disgusting. Stop grooming kids.”

Children should be allowed to just be children.


They should be carefree, playing, and not dealing with “sexuality” and questions about their gender, simply because “woke” adults plant confusion in their minds.

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