Report: Shaken Chris Rock In Hiding To Keep Bruised Face From Public After Will Smith Slap

Report: Shaken Chris Rock In Hiding To Keep Bruised Face From Public After Will Smith Slap

Many people believe that the “Oscar slap” was a stunt pulled off for PR reasons by a group of talented actors and Hollywood production teams.


After all, the Oscars has seen a major slide in public appeal since it got “woke” and plagued by TDS.

And that could be true, but if that was the case, you’d think Chris Rock would be out in public talking about and rustling up as much PR as possible.

In actuality, the opposite is true. He’s apparently gone into hiding.

Radar Online reported that while Will Smith was happy to put on a show with his family by his side at Vanity Fair’s party following the Oscars, Chris Rock went to great pains to say out of the spotlight.

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“After Chris was slapped, he returned to his dressing room backstage. He was visibly shaking and clearly stunned by what had just happened. He spent some time in his dressing room talking with members of his inner circle and top producers from the show, before being carefully ushered out of the building into a car,” sources tell Radar.

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“Backstage was full of approved press, which is why great efforts were made to make sure no one saw or photographed Chris. Press was told to lower their cameras and not to record him as he was quickly escorted from his dressing room to his car.”

Insiders add that there was no communication backstage between Smith and Rock after the incident. Smith returned to his seat after hitting Rock and returned to his seat again after winning his Oscars — rather than going backstage to the press room.


“Later that evening Chris went to Madonna’s and Guy Oseary’s party at a private home. It was the perfect place for him to hang out because no press is allowed inside and no one is allowed to use their phones,” adds an insider.

“It was a deliberate strategy from Rock’s people. They wanted to make sure that while Will was being filmed partying, Chris was out of sight. He basically is in hiding because he doesn’t want to be seen with a bruised face.”


Chris may cancel some of his upcoming comedy gig dates, to avoid his people seeing his face, claiming insiders close to the source.

After backlash from the public and the Academy, Will Smith finally issued an apology that he posted on his Instagram.

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