[VIDEO] Chuck Todd Explains The “Math” And Why Dems Will Get “Shellacked” in Midterms

[VIDEO] Chuck Todd Explains The “Math” And Why Dems Will Get “Shellacked” in Midterms

There’s a lot of talk about midterms right now.


Everyone, even the fake news shills are predicting bad news for Dems…and are basically bracing Biden supporters (the few that are out there) for a “shellacking” in November.

So, how do they know it’s “hopeless?”

Well, as Chuck Todd points out, it comes down to simple math… and the one number that has Dems literally shaking in their commie boots is that generic ballot polling number, where R’s are ahead of D’s by anywhere from 2 to 4 percent depending on what poll you look at.

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As Chuck points out, some Dems might look at that 2% gain for R’s and think “that’s no big deal, we can overcome that…”

No. That’s not how this works.

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The fact that R’s are ahead is what D’s call “DEFCON 100 million” in the political world.

After all, thanks to all the gerrymandering and creative district maps, D’s are always ahead on the generic ballot because there are so many more of them packed into cities and whatnot.

In the odd case when D’s are not ahead, total political annihilation has befallen them.


The math doesn’t lie, and Chuck says, it’s looking really grim for D’s.

You can watch the video below:

With how angry and fed up so many R’s and Independents are, I don’t think turnout will be an issue for our side, but you can never take that for granted, especially when you have Dems who will use any cheating trick they can find to try to gain some leverage.


So, we must be diligent, take nothing for granted, and come out swinging in the primaries, where we vote to get rid of these RINOs, who are equally, if not more dangerous to our cause than D’s are.

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