Radio Host Jesse Kelly Says There Are Only TWO Reasons CNN is Reporting On Hunter’s Laptop 

Radio Host Jesse Kelly Says There Are Only TWO Reasons CNN is Reporting On Hunter’s Laptop 

Last October, Hunter Biden’s laptop became a “thing.”


Everyone knew it was real, even the Dems, media, and big tech, so that’s why they blocked it.

They knew if that damning info got out, they’d never be able to pull off the “81 million votes” gag.

So, they knew they had to bury the laptop — at least for the time being.

After all, it’s real, so they knew it’d come back around.

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And now, about 7 months later, here we are… Hunter’s laptop is back with a vengeance.

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It started out with New York Times admitting the laptop was real, and today, WAPO just did a piece on the laptop, and now CNN is even covering it.

So, what gives, why now?

Well, conservative radio host, Jesse Kelly says he knows why – and he claims there are 2 reasons CNN is now reporting on the laptop – and both reasons are good news for us.

The first is that Hunter is in some serious jeopardy and will probably be indicted, so the media needs to catch up and report on it.

And the second reason is that Team Obama is taking out Joe Biden.

Here’s what Jesse said: “The media choosing to report on the Hunter Biden stuff now means one of two things: 1. Real legal problems are coming for Hunter and they’re trying to get in front of them. 2. The Communist power brokers have decide”


You can watch the video below:

I think Jesse is spot-on with his theory.

Although, I have a feeling that it’s both reasons.


I think Hunter is in deep trouble, and Team Obama will take him down, along with his father, Joe Biden.

They will tee up the Republicans to impeach Biden, based on the damning emails on Hunter’s laptop.

It should be a slam dunk impeachment, especially after 2022, and my guess is that’s exactly what Obama wants.

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