Report: New CNN+ Streaming Service is Already Going Belly-Up

Report: New CNN+ Streaming Service is Already Going Belly-Up

I don’t know why CNN would spend all this money to launch an online streaming service when nobody trusts CNN as a news channel.


They have a cruddy reputation and ratings for a reason.

People can see they peddle fake news and have tuned out in droves.

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Without correcting THAT huge problem, why would they think a paid streaming service would work?

I’m sorry, but adding that hack Chris Wallace to the lineup will not drive subscriptions, especially when a complete and total Bozo like Don Lemon is their new “war correspondent.”

So, this is already happening…

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But it gets so much worse…

Fox Business reporter Charles Gasparino says CNN+ is about to go belly up.


“Breaking: @CNNplus employees bracing for layoffs possibly as soon as May amid projections of lackluster sales of new streaming channel; CNN employees say new streaming channel could be merged into larger @discoveryplus as early as May unless subscriptions pick up 130 @FoxBusiness”

CNN’s flunky PR team won’t respond to Charles’ calls about the bad streaming news, but they responded to his tweet with this silliness:

“For the record, we are VERY happy with the launch of CNN+ and are only bracing for a long run of success.”

I highly doubt anyone is happy with slumping sales and the possibility of layoffs…

Can you imagine how angry that smug windbag Chris Wallace is?

He left his highly respected, lucrative gig at Fox to be the “new face” over at lowly CNN, thinking this new streaming service would be amazing and highfalutin… and now, it just started and they’re already talking about canceling it.


Word has it that Wallace will take over Cuomo’s TV slot… what a fall from grace.


Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving little worm.

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