Don Lemon Takes His Biggest Blow Yet in Sexual Harassment Trial

Don Lemon Takes His Biggest Blow Yet in Sexual Harassment Trial

Don Lemon is probably feeling a lot of pressure right now.


His BFF Jeff Zucker got the boot at CNN and left Don and Brian Stelter hanging there like two dead ducks on a wire.

Now, many people believe Don is high on the list to get cut from CNN when the new owners take over. They’re looking to give CNN a “makeover” and bring them back to their glory days, before TDS and fake news destroyed them.

Don Lemon doesn’t fit into that “mold.” 

And if that’s not bad enough, he’s also got that sexual harassment lawsuit hanging over his head.

As you likely know by now, Don Lemon is being accused of sexually harassing a waiter in the Hamptons.

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Well, speaking of that case, things aren’t going all that well for Don, and he just took his most brutal blow yet.

Radar Online reported that a man who claims to have watched Don Lemon assault his friend will be allowed to testify in court.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, a New York federal judge ruled Lemon’s accuser will be allowed to call two additional witnesses to the stand.

As we previously reported, Lemon is currently being sued for sexual assault by a man named Dustin Hice.

In his suit, Hice claims he ran into Lemon at Murf’s Backstreet Tavern in Sag Harbor bar in 2018.

He claims to have noticed the newscaster at the bar and approached him. Hice says he offered to buy Lemon a drink but he declined.


Moments later, Hice claims Lemon approached him aggressively and got into his face. Lemon allegedly stuck his hands down his pants and rubbed them on his genitals.
Hice says Lemon took his hands out and put his fingers under Hice’s nose. The news anchor denies the incident ever happened.

Recently, he even accused Hice of deleting evidence including homophobic text messages. Lemon believes the alleged victim even tried to pay off people to back up his story.

This is a damning blow for Don Lemon.

We’ve heard in the past there was a “credible witness” who saw what happened… now we know there is, and that person will testify.

I think it’ll be very difficult for Don Lemon to weasel out of this one, especially if it’s not just a “he said/he said” situation.


They set the trial to start in June.

I wonder if Don will even have a job at CNN by that time?

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