Women’s Tweet About Her Electric Car Goes Viral, And Dems Won’t Like It One Bit…

Women’s Tweet About Her Electric Car Goes Viral, And Dems Won’t Like It One Bit…

The left never lets a good tragedy go to waste.


So, they’re now using “World War 3” to push their dopey green agenda.

Joe Biden, the media, and Dems are now using Putin as a cover for Biden’s inflation and soaring gas prices. They’re using the rising cost of gas to put the green squeeze on Americans, by telling them the best way to get the cost down is to go out and buy a 50K dollar electric car.

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Right, because a person who can’t afford $5 bucks a gallon for gas, can somehow afford a $600 per month car payment for a Tesla.

None of this makes any logical sense.

But it actually gets even worse.

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One woman who owns an electric car actually has even more truth bombs to drop, and Dems aren’t gonna like it one bit.

She goes by the name Margo and she had this to say about what it’s like to own an electric car: “Look, I have an electric vehicle. What the government is telling you is a lie. It takes over an hour to SUPERCHARGE my Tesla. Can you imagine waiting an hour to fill up? Or going 25 miles out of the way to charge? It is not for everyone. Our country is nowhere near ready.”

Many people are saying this exact same thing.

As a matter of fact, I have a friend who just bought an electric Ford Mustang.

He drove from one city to another to attend a wedding, and when the event was over, he couldn’t get back home because his car didn’t have enough of a charge, so he had to find a place to charge his car and get a hotel room.

What a nightmare.

He told me he’s never regretted a purchase more than that one.

Here’s what people online are saying about Margo’s tweet:


“Electric vehicles are not practical for anything but short distance driving. Also the average person can’t afford them, or their upkeep, especially when the batteries only last 100K miles & it costs a fortune to replace them.”

“We live 58 mi from Anaheim but it can take over 3 hours in traffic. How well will an electric vehicle perform in those conditions? Not very well, I’m guessing…” 

“Better have a full charge and not run the AC on blast if you plan to get to point A and Point B and back again. God’s speed LOL” 

“I understand it is also around $22 thousand to replace a battery in one. Wow not for me. I love my old gas gussling 6 cylinder Mercedes! Comfort and know it starts every time . Besides I can get a battery for $125!”

“I too own a electric car. Downloaded several apps to plan my road trip. Picked a hotel that had level 2 charging stations. On arrival another Tesla owner checked out the key to use the charger and never returned it. I was unable to charge for 12 hours. What a nightmare” 

“We are not ready & it’s like they’re trying to pull the rug out from under us with no one to catch us.And especially during these horrible times from Covid to this war it’s just cruel and maybe evil.”

“LA has brown-outs now. Could you imagine when everyone gets home from work and plugs in ? Power-outage.”

“Another thing that’s being peddled is that it costs nothing to charge an EV. Perhaps it isn’t as expensive to charge an EV as it is to buy gas (comparing EV mile to gas mile cost), but it isn’t free. It’s not carbon free, either. Electricity must be generated…by COAL” 

“Where does that electricity come from? Petroleum and natural gas. How do you recycle batteries? You don’t, they just sit on the ground and pollute. Where do the materials come from to make the batteries. Digging up the earth, which is toxic to those the remove it.”

“That many people plugging in at once will cause rolling brown outs to rolling blackouts. These happen in summer in some metropolitan areas due to air conditioners. Charging cars will be worse”

This video discusses the problems of “car charging.”

I also ran across this video.

Imagine a middle-class family taking their Tesla in to get repaired, and they’re told they have a $22K bill for a new battery?

Margo is right…. we’re not prepared.


Our nation is nowhere near ready for this, and it’s cruel and irresponsible for our nation’s so-called “leaders” to strong-arm everyone into buying electric – the costs are too high and they’re not practical for most of America

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