Watch: Frustrated Tesla Owner Shares Video, Says He’d Rather Pay $6 Gasoline Prices

Watch: Frustrated Tesla Owner Shares Video, Says He’d Rather Pay $6 Gasoline Prices

Ben Bergman is a reporter for Business Insider and a Tesla owner.


And today, he shared a video, complaining about his electric car.

Ben highlights a very good point in his clip, about the excruciatingly long lines to get your electric car charged.

Ben claims that this is a “very rare” time that he wishes he could just pay $6 per gallon for gas and be on his way.

But is it rare?

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I have seen many video clips of long lines of people waiting to charge their electric cars and heard horror stories of people being stuck in places for hours, sometimes overnight, just trying to get a charge on the car to make it from point A to point B.

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And think about this: imagine what it’d be like if millions and millions more Americans bought electric cars and flooded the market… just think about how long the lines would be then.

The point is this: America is nowhere near ready for this “Green New Deal,” yet, irresponsible politicians and activists keep pushing it, and strong-arming people into going “electric” with these outrageous gas prices.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“This makes my gas powered heart happy.”

“oh this seems miserable”

“Yeah. I’ll stick to gasoline. This? This is stupid.”

“I ask again… who has time for this????”

“putting this cart before the horse is going to become increasingly fun to watch”

“Joe Biden’s future for America”

The infrastructure doesn’t exist yet. Imagine the time and money it will take to convert gas stations to #EVcharging.”

“And thats why electric cars en-mass will fail”

“Why Pete Buttigieg can stick his electric cars where the sun don’t shine.”

“most of my neighbors are not interested in switching to EV because of a lack of charges. we are in the Toronto Area.”

“Wait until a winter storm hits and your stranded on an interstate. This is quite comical.”

That last comment is something I didn’t even think about. What on earth will people do who are stuck in storms and their charge runs out?

You can’t walk to the “charging station” and bring back a container of electricity.


There are a lot of things that need to be thought out and reimagined before anything like this could ever realistically take place.

But activists and politicians don’t care if your life turns into a chaotic mess, all they want is to grease the pockets of their “green” donors.

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