[VIDEO] Look What Happens When the Battery of an Electric Scooter Malfunctions Inside Someone’s House

[VIDEO] Look What Happens When the Battery of an Electric Scooter Malfunctions Inside Someone’s House

Well, it looks like the world is going electric… at least that’s what Biden and his climate cult admin are hoping for.


But are we ready for that? 

Of course we’re not, but that doesn’t matter to pompous elites. They just want their rich “sustainable” friends to get richer, and if that means you live in an electric cluster-bleep, so be it.

The left wants your cars, stoves, grills, campfires, and everything you use to be electric because according to them, it’s the “cleanest” energy — never mind that you need coal to generate electricity.

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Although, battery-operated doesn’t always mean foolproof.

This crazy video shows what happens when a battery on electric scooter malfunctions inside some poor guy’s house.

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SPOILER ALERT: It’s pretty gosh darn terrifying.

Watch the video:


Now just imagine what would happen if the battery on an electric car malfunctioned?

My guess is that it would take out more than just the Christmas tree.

People online also made this comparison and a few other hilarious observations:

“And let the fun begin 🤣

“Battery acid and smoke..now that is good for the climate!!”

“What…No baking soda?😑😂

“At least the tree didn’t catch on fire😳😳


I looked up the safest way to put out a lithium battery fire, and if it’s a large battery, like the one in this video, it’s very specific:

Small lithium-ion batteries can be doused with water because they contain little lithium metal. Lithium-metal battery fires can be put out with a Class D fire extinguisher. Larger battery fires are best handled with a foam extinguisher, CO2, ABC dry chemical, powder graphite, copper powder or sodium carbonate. LI-ion fires are ferocious, and the gases are nasty. If there’s a fire, unplug the device (if plugged in), call the fire department, and then use an ABC- or BC-rated fire extinguisher (info) to suppress the fire. In a pinch, use sand, clay cat litter, baking soda, or (last resort) water.

Scary stuff. The public has a long way to go on understanding all things “electric.” It’s like telling us we’re now using the metric system, and thinking it’s no big deal and everyone will just magically adapt.

Once again, the government doesn’t know what the heck it’s doing.

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