[VIDEO] Demonic-Sounding Laugh From This Person Inside a Women’s Restroom Will Give Parents Nightmares

[VIDEO] Demonic-Sounding Laugh From This Person Inside a Women’s Restroom Will Give Parents Nightmares

I have to be very careful in how I say this because big brother is always watching…so, please, bear with me.


A person who sounds a heck of a lot like a man, but who is dressed in women’s garments, made a chilling video inside a women’s restroom that I think all parents and women should see.

I’ll set this up for you:

This person walks into the bathroom, with their camera phone rolling.

You’ll see their feet first as they make their way into the restroom.

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The person gets to the mirror and we can see they are wearing a large black COVID mask.

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The person takes down the mask, looks into the mirror, and says, “Hey Guys, I made it into the women’s restroom” and then lets out the most demonic-sounding laugh you’ll ever hear.

If I was interpreting what that laugh sounded like, I’d say it was some bad guy’s evil plan that had just fallen into place and he was thrilled about it.

And why is this person talking to “guys” in the video? They specifically say “hey GUYS…”


Watch and judge for yourself:

That’s the stuff nightmares are made of, and women and parents should be made aware of it.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“f I was inside that stall I would be terrified”

“That’s the devil.” 

“This is a pervert in action. Great job, liberals” 

“I don’t have a daughter, but if I did and this man was in there with her… I’m sure they would say I committed a hate crime.”

“They definitely shouldn’t be allowed to FILM there”

“My wife or daughter comes out of the restroom telling me about this dude and I would find out if that face is a punchable as it looks.”

“jesus christ what kind of demon is that”

“This is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen”

“I’m a woman and I frequent women’s rest rooms. This is not how real women behave in there! “

“If you’re in the women’s restroom… you’re in my daughter’s restroom. I’m not afraid to criticize it and it’s a duty of mine as a parent to protect them from predators in areas designated for their privacy now. Women’s rights should actually matter.”

“Even he knows he’s not supposed to be in there.”

“Next up, complaints about the lack of urinals in women’s rooms. Mark it.”

Nobody on earth should act that way when entering a bathroom, I don’t care who you are.


In my experience, the only reason someone acts like that is because they have ulterior motives.

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