[VIDEO Look at This Incredible Drone Footage of USA Freedom Convoy…It’s MASSIVE

[VIDEO Look at This Incredible Drone Footage of USA Freedom Convoy…It’s MASSIVE

The US Freedom Convoy is making its way across the country and this latest drone footage shows just how massive it has become.


The flyover in Missouri shows lines upon lines of trucks and crowds of people…

I am really happy to see all these trucks on the road – we know the left is doing everything they can to distract from this.

At this point, I’m convinced Joe Biden would start WW3 to take attention off the Truckers.

Would you put it past him?

But of course, the mainstream media isn’t reporting on this. They don’t want to showcase anything that might show “discontent” for Biden and his tyrannical policies.

What’s the scientific point of having vaccine mandates, when so many people who have the vaccine are catching COVID?

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It never made any sense. 

Of course, now that COVID is no longer “popular” for Dems, they ditched it like a bad blind date.

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But, regardless of that nonsense, this convoy is truly a sight to see and builds the anticipation for their arrival in D.C. that much more.

Watch the video:


It really pumped-up people online to see this huge turnout and here’s what they had to say:

“God bless these people 🙏🏼

“This is what America looks like. 🇺🇸 ”

“I was wondering if we would get some confirmation of the Freedom Convoy. Honk Honk!”

“Love the truck with “FJB” on the top of his trailer!”

“Freedom convoy is about fight against any mandated vaccines and most importantly freedom of speech laws on the internet and against big tech monopolies.”

“just a fringe minority ;)”

“EXCELLENT – Get to Washington DC and rattle those commies like @joebiden and @SpeakerPelosi”


The left is doing everything in its power to undermine this movement, so it’s wonderful to see these truckers getting such amazing support.

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