Screenwriter Gadi Taub Re-Designed NYT Headline About Hunter’s Laptop to Make It More “Accurate”

Screenwriter Gadi Taub Re-Designed NYT Headline About Hunter’s Laptop to Make It More “Accurate”

By now you know the New York Times has decided it’s “safe” to admit finally that Hunter Biden’s laptop is legitimate.


This comes after more than a year of the media, Dems, and “experts” in the intel community colluding together to interfere in the 2020 election by lying and claiming the laptop from hell was “Russian disinformation.”

That was a lie. It was always real.

The laptop and every depraved thing on it were 100 percent legitimate, including all those pornographic photos and videos of Hunter with underage-looking girls.

And let’s not forget all the emails about the “Big Guy” and his 10 percent.

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This was damning stuff, so we all know why so many powerful people came together to hide the truth.

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And now, for whatever reason, the New York Times has deemed it “time” to admit what we’ve known all along…

And speaking of The Times, screenwriter Gadi Taub actually came up with a much more “accurate-looking” headline for the NYT piece.

I don’t know about you, but I think this makes much more sense.


Here’s what Gadi said: “I felt the way the @nytimes framed its recent Hunter Biden laptop story was a little off. So how about:”

Ahhh yes, much better, sir. Thank you!

They stole it. 

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Perfect! And this IS the truth.”

“Look here…do not look there. What is behind the curtain? America knew this already!!”

Bidens continue to destroy American lives. #BidenCrimeFamilly

“I wish we could get this printed and distributed to everyone who listens to MSM”

“Perfect headline. And it is true.”

“When you are in the business of lies and deceit, honest, intelligent people never get surprised. They simply expose all they can and try to show the big picture. The truth will stand on its own. Our job is helping it be shown. GOD help us!!!”

The 2020 election was stolen from the American people in more ways than one.


And we can never forget or forgive that.

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