[VIDEO] Harris Faulkner Snaps, “It’s Time to Take Down The Biden Crime Family”

[VIDEO] Harris Faulkner Snaps, “It’s Time  to Take Down The Biden Crime Family”

We all remember the election meddling by the media and big tech surrounding Hunter Biden during the 2020 election, right?


The New York Post broke a huge story on Hunter’s laptop and immediately the entire story was declared “Russian disinformation,” and anyone who shared the story on social media faced getting banned.

Now, over two years later, Hunter is facing a massive criminal tax investigation, so the New York Times did a piece on that, and in that article, around paragraph 28, they finally admitted the story on Hunter’s laptop was indeed true.

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This is an absolute slap in the face to millions of American voters because this is 100 percent election interference, and Fox News host Harris Faulkner is not taking this lying down.

During a segment on Fox covering the NYT’s recent admission about the laptop, she announced now is the time “to take down the Biden crime family.”

Omg, amen! 

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Watch the video:

Faulkner is 100% right here – now is the time to stop allowing the media to cover for the Biden family and to make these crooks pay.

And it appears that Hunter is about to be the first domino to fall; as a lawyer involved in the tax case said he’d be surprised if they do not indict Hunter.

From The Daily Mail

The attorney for Lunden Alexis Roberts – the mother of one of Hunter Biden’s five children – revealed he turned over to federal investigators a ‘significant amount’ of Hunter’s financial records and said he would be ‘surprised’ if he was not indicted.

Clint Lancaster, who represents Roberts, said that he was complying with a subpoena in turning over ‘a significant amount of Hunter’s financial records,’ and that both he and Roberts were interviewed by investigators.

Lancaster told CNBC that he and Roberts had spoken with an assistant U.S. attorney, an FBI agent and an IRS agent — ‘one that carries a badge and gun’ over a year ago in Little Rock, Ark.

‘I expect him to be indicted,’ the attorney said of Biden. ‘Just based on what I saw in his financial records, I would be surprised if he’s not indicted.’


But even if Hunter gets convicted, it’s still a huge injustice that this entire scandal was so suppressed before and during the 2020 election.


Liberals want to talk about Russians interfering with our elections when they’re doing more damage than anyone from Moscow could ever do.


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