Conservative Journalist Explains in One Short Tweet Why Dems and Republicans Both WANT Inflation

Conservative Journalist Explains in One Short Tweet Why Dems and Republicans Both WANT Inflation

Sundance, the writer for the blog Conservative Tree House always has some very insightful and interesting “takes” on what’s happening in the world of politics.


And nine times out of ten, he’s right. Maybe ten out of ten…

It seems like he’s always many steps ahead of everyone else and is peeling back the layers on the swamp in ways that others just can’t.

That’s why when I saw what he said about the current inflation situation, I was very intrigued. And once again, I read it and thought, “Yes! Why didn’t I think of that??!!”

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Sundance points out in one short and sweet tweet why Dems and Republicans both WANT inflation.

It’s simple really… it’s the only way they can cheapen the debt burden that they’re creating.

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Here’s what he said: “Pro Tip: THEY WANT INFLATION. It’s the only way they can cheapen the debt burden they are creating. It’s not about US. It’s always about THEM.”

He elaborated a bit on the topic by saying, “In order for DC to continue advancing their UniParty agenda, they will always: (1) Create the illusion of choice. and (2) Pretend not to know things”

I agree. We can never underestimate the “uniparty” agenda. It’s very real and a lot more powerful than we realize.

It’s one big swampy club, and you and I are not invited to join.


Here’s what people online said:

“I think the central banks want inflation also. They get to wipe out the middle class and become the lenders and buyers of last resort meaning they hold all the clubs and access to those clubs.”

“Globalists. They don’t have America’s best interests at heart.”

“Honestly- I am so tired of these Fake compromised treasonous criminals in control of our country. It is ridiculous what the do. Enough is Enough. And justice must be served.”

“They also know that the only way to combat inflation is to raise interest rates, but that would crash the stock market and their precious investments.”

“These are the most vile sucking POS in our country right now. They do not represent ANY of us- I don’t care what make model type you are or what they tell you.”

“Swamp rats figuring out their next plan on how they’re going to screw over the American people. Make no mistake, they’re all in it together.”

“Never forget the people making these decisions, should the worst case scenario happen as a result, won’t be negatively impacted. They are wealthy & connected. A depression will not effect them. Which is why only people with skin in the game should ever be in positions of power.”


Sundance is definitely onto something with this theory of his.

And therefore, it’s imperative that we get rid of both McConnell and McCarthy. If we don’t get “America First” candidates in those leadership roles, we won’t win anything.

Having the “uniparty” in charge means we’ll be spinning our wheels in neutral while they march forward.

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