Remember The “Scary” Jan 6 “Mike Pence Gallows” Photo? Well, The Unedited Photo Looks a Helluva Lot Different

Remember The “Scary” Jan 6 “Mike Pence Gallows” Photo? Well, The Unedited Photo Looks a Helluva Lot Different

Nothing has been blown more out of absurd proportion than what occurred on January 6th in D.C.


Given how angry people still are over the 2020 election, and how a vast majority of Americans believe there was cheating, our lawmakers are lucky that day was as peaceful as it was, considering there were over 100K people there.

Sure, there were some people who got rowdy, and many believe those people were far-left agitators, or FBI informants/agents stirring sh*t up for political reasons.

But overall, it was really quite peaceful. If you look at the footage of people milling about inside the Capitol, it looks like a group of extremely well-mannered tourists who were invited in… and that’s basically what they were.

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But if you listen to the media, Dems, and GOP RINOs talk about it, it was the worst day in our county’s history.

It was worse than 9-11 or Pearl Harbour, doncha know…

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Because nothing says “national tragedy” like Nancy Pelosi’s stapler being stolen from her desk. Scary stuff.

Can I get a hug?

One of the left’s favorite stories from Jan 6th is the “Mike Pence Gallows” one.

Surely you’ve heard this one — where Trump supporters showed up at the Jan 6th event with a real-life gallow to hang Mike Pence…

The media even had a really spooky picture of the gallows to help boost their narrative. I’m sure you’ve seen the photo, it’s one of the most widely shared from that day.

But, I bet you haven’t seen the original photo of the “gallow,” have you?

Well, it looks a helluva lot different from the doctored one the media’s been showing you, that’s for darn sure.

Here’s what Tayler Hansen wrote on his Substack:

Everyone has heard about the conveniently placed Gallows that were supposedly erected to “hang Mike Pence” on January 6th. But has anyone who actually uses this talking point seen a real picture of the gallows, or are they just repeating MSM Propaganda?

This is the most widely circulated picture of the gallows used by Establishment Media to convince their average viewer that Trump Supporters planned to kill Vice President Pence.

Looks intimidating right? Now let’s see what these super scary gallows ACTUALLY looked like without convenient angles and color filters…

What does that say on the side? Let’s zoom in to get a closer look…

Now, ask yourself this: had the media run with the original photo, unedited, do you think they could’ve sold their narrative that the gallow was set up to execute Mike Pence?


Of course they couldn’t. They’d have been laughed off the planet because that “gallow” was absurd in terms of “functionality.” It was a demonstrative piece, something the left should know all about, thanks to Kathy Griffin, BLM, Antifa, and all the climate nuts who use severed heads, guillotines, lynchings, and mock assassinations of President Trump on the regular.

Of course, they don’t take pictures of that stuff and edit it to look ghoulish.

This is yet another example of how fake and dishonest our media is. Doctored pics were created to sell a political narrative. It’s not just “fake news” it’s regime propaganda, and North Korea and China would be impressed.

And where are the fact-checkers on this? We never heard from them, did we?


That’s because they’re also fake news/regime propaganda shills.

You can’t trust what you read or see from these charlatans.

I encourage you to read Tayler’s entire story here and you can subscribe to his Substack newsletter here.

Sounds like Tayler has some very interesting content.

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