[VIDEO] Fox News Debunks Psaki’s Absurd Oil Claims Just Hours After Peter Doocy Embarrassed Her on LIVE TV

[VIDEO] Fox News Debunks Psaki’s Absurd Oil Claims Just Hours After Peter Doocy Embarrassed Her on LIVE TV

We all know Jen Psaki is a gifted liar and a very skilled spin doctor.


Nobody can tell a bald-faced lie better than she can, but all good lies usually come to an end eventually, and the truth finds a way of sneaking out.

And that’s the case with Jen and her latest spin on Biden’s energy crisis – a crisis that will make Carter’s look like a cakewalk.

It started when she and Peter Doocy sparred over Jen’s absurd claims about US oil and Biden making us reliant on oil from evil foreign regimes.

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And much to Jen’s dismay, 24-hour later, Fox News successfully debunked Jen’s entire absurd claims about US energy.

You can watch the video below:


The Biden admin wants you to forget that we were nearly energy independent about a year and a half ago under President Trump.

They also want you to forget that Joe Biden’s cruddy energy policy caused gas prices to go up a year ago, and this is not actually Russia’s fault.

These high gas prices and soaring inflation are Joe Biden’s fault from start to finish.

Every poor decision that bumbling, senile buffoon has made, has led us to this abysmal place.


Don’t let him, his admin, or America ever forget it.

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