[VIDEO] Jen Psaki Has Not One, But TWO “Freudian Mishaps” in This 12-Second Clip

[VIDEO] Jen Psaki Has Not One, But TWO “Freudian Mishaps” in This 12-Second Clip

Things are so bad in the Biden White House, that Jen Psaki can’t even speak without accidentally putting her foot in her mouth.


This time, however, she did it twice in 12-seconds, while talking to CNN.

I am calling these both “Freudian Mishaps.” But one is a Freudian slip, and the other is more like “accidentally telling the truth.”

But let’s be real, they’re both “freak moments” that we need to talk about.

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So, after last nights disastrous SOTU, Psaki is out in full “Janitor” gear, trying to mop up the mess Joe made.

Speaking of that…

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Did you see Joe’s “State of The Union”? It was like watching a patient at the memory care facility try to tell a story.

It was truly ghastly.  

Here is a “low-light” reel I found. It will catch you up to speed if you opted not to watch the train-wreck.


So, Jen has her work cut out for her today.

But she might need some help, because she’s not in tip-top shape herself.

Maybe what Joe has is “catchy”?

Because truthfully, Jen really isn’t doing the old guy any favors.

While she was on CNN Jen accidentally told the truth about how Putin only seems to pick times when Biden’s in the White House to pull these shenanigans.

She called it a “pattern of horror.”

Yes, we agree, but are you talking about Putin or Biden, or both?


Well, Jen actually answers her own question quite honestly in the next breath.

And that brings us to her Freudian slip…. Jen claimed the “pattern of horror” was from “this president,” meaning Joe.

Yes, finally, she admits it!!

Truer words have never been spoken.

Of course, she noticed what she did and worked quickly to correct herself…

You can watch the video below:

These are the most honest 12-seconds of Jen Psaki’s life and career.

And it just goes to show, even a skilled “spin doctor” like Jen, can’t hold the truth back forever.


It just tends to spill out, no matter how many lies you’ve stacked up against it.

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