There’s Something Very Strange About Jen Psaki’s Latest “Positive COVID” Test

There’s Something Very Strange About Jen Psaki’s Latest “Positive COVID” Test

We were just told that Jen Psaki has tested positive for COVID.



She just had COVID back in October, where are her “antibodies?”

That seems odd, but what’s even m0re odd is the timing of this positive test.

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Back in October, Psaki tested positive for COVID and backed out of traveling with Biden to Europe for the G-20.

Now, 5 months later, Psaki tests positive again and is now backing out of the trip to Poland.

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This is striking many people as very, very odd.

“Jen Psaki tests positive AGAIN for coronavirus which means she will not travel with Biden to Europe Psaki also tested positive for the virus in October, before Biden’s trip to the G-20 summit in Italy”

Many people aren’t buying the “COVID” excuse:


“Hmm. Sounds like this is Jen’s way of getting out of traveling with Biden” 

“Uh, little coincidental, doncha think? lol Jen doesn’t want to go anywhere with Biden” 

“I certainly wouldn’t want to go to Europe with Biden. It might be on AirForce 1 but you know it’s going to be a train wreck.”

“Is Psaki just allergic to Europe?”

“Why doesn’t she want to travel with Joe?” 

“She’s going to a lot of trouble to avoid traveling with Joe. Those trips must be a nightmare” 

It sounds fishy.

I mean, we all know the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread, but this is a bit ridiculous.


She just had it 5 months ago. Again, where are her antibodies?

Does the vaccine kill those, too? If not, she’s probably lying.

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