[VIDEO] This Psaki Impersonator Has Her “Doocy Obsession” Down to a Hilarious Science

[VIDEO] This Psaki Impersonator Has Her “Doocy Obsession” Down to a Hilarious Science

The only person who seems to hold Jen Psaki accountable for her lies and “spin” is Peter Doocy from Fox News.


He asks her tough questions on topics that Americans are concerned about.

While other news outlets are wondering what Joe’s favorite ice cream is, Peter is asking Jen to explain Biden’s hair-brained policies.

It’s always a back-n-forth between the two of them, and many people liken Doocy to Jim Acosta.

I can see where they’re going with that, but it’s not the same — at all.

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Acosta was all about trying to make a name for himself and being an absurd “resist” reporter. What Acosta did was shout out dumb “gotcha” questions to score likes and shares on Twitter.

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Peter is actually asking tough questions, and that’s why the left despises him so much.

So, when I saw this hilarious Psaki impersonator doing a bit that included another scuffle with Doocy, I had to share it with you.

I love the binder “Jen” is holding at the beginning.

Pay attention to that… It’s a binder filled with “Doocy comebacks.”

Very amusing.


You can watch the video below:

@nursemelissa73official1She either Loves him or despises him!!! Dearly!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂♬ original sound – HYGO News

I think this woman does a great job. She’s got those snobby/rude Psaki gestures down pat.


This TikTok lady is very talented. She also does a hilarious Nancy Pelosi imitation, where she draws her eyebrows halfway up her forehead.

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