VIDEO] Jim Jordon Gets The Best of Jerry Nadler, Easily Trips Him Up During House Committee

VIDEO] Jim Jordon Gets The Best of Jerry Nadler, Easily Trips Him Up During House Committee

Is there something in the water that Dems are drinking?


Or is it just most of them are now sickly, senile, and elderly?

I think it’s the latter. But truth is, we’re noticing everywhere how bad-off the Dems are.

Pelosi sounds half-in-the-bag, and her behavior has gotten so bad the Brits are reporting on it and mocking the United States.

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And now, Jerry Nadler steps up to the plate – I know that’s a name you haven’t heard for a while. The last time he was in the news, was when it appeared he soiled his pants during a press conference.

Remember that?

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Excuse the sound effects LOL

Since then, Jerry has been pretty quiet, many speculated his health is not good.

His mind is not too sharp either.

Jim Jordan easily got the best of him when the two went back and forth during a House Judiciary Committee hearing about that controversial school board memo targeting parents as “terrorists.”

Jerry didn’t even realize that he made Jim’s point for him.


Jim had to tell him…

You can see the “sharpness” is not there. Jerry is as dull as a soup spoon.


I’ll tell ya, these elderly politicians are doing NONE OF US any good.

They’re lost, they don’t know what they’re doing half the time.


This is shameful, we need term limits.

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