[VIDEO] Guy Tries to Jot Down “Advice” From Joe Biden, And It Doesn’t End Well For Him LOL

[VIDEO] Guy Tries to Jot Down “Advice” From Joe Biden, And It Doesn’t End Well For Him LOL

I have seen a lot of these videos on TikTok, where they show people trying to “jot down” the so-called sage advice from Joe Biden during his speeches.

And by the end, the “advice” is so jumbled up and impossible to understand, they throw their paper in the air.


They’re very funny and obviously, the videos are made to highlight what a mental disaster Joe Biden is.

And he is a disaster, and it’s just getting worse as the days drag on. The scariest part in all of this is that his VP isn’t much better.

Joe Biden clearly has dementia or some “brain-related” issues, but Kamala just seems like a straight-up dummy.

But anyway, these videos are hilarious, and really showcase how bad things have gotten for Joe.

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I wish I could tell you what Joe Biden was trying to say in this particular clip, but I can’t.

I haven’t a bloody clue what he was talking about. 

I know he started out on a mission to tell people the “only way” they could spare more pain and loss… The ONLY way… and then it quickly went off the rails.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people had to say online:

“Great grandpa Biden has to be the worst crock of a US president. It’s going to take a miracle for this old, very old man to finish his term. He’s brain is fried, no agility at all.”

“Lifelong stutter”, claim the libs. Can anyone find me a clip of Joe stuttering in the 1980s or 1990s?”

“As a court reporter, he is a nightmare! He’s a blubbering idiot.”

“Thank you. This lightens the mood. Need to laugh every once in a while” 

“Transcribing for Joe Biden would be the toughest job in the world” 

We’re all sitting here watching this confused, sickly old man stumble through his sham “presidency,” and we’re horrified, wondering what the heck is going on.

Meanwhile, our media has never even talked about Joe’s “mental fitness” or lack thereof.

Mind you, this was the same media who brought up the 25th Amendment every time President Trump had a typo in one of his tweets.


But the truth always finds a way out… and that’s exactly what videos like this do… they tell the truth in a humorous way.

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