[VIDEO] New Clip Reveals Something Very Disturbing About Joe Biden’s “Beau Story”

[VIDEO] New Clip Reveals Something Very Disturbing About Joe Biden’s “Beau Story”

I saw this clip, and I watched it, not knowing if I’d actually do a piece on it.

Not because it lacks interest, or it’s not worthy of critique or discussion, or anything like that, but there’s a really thin and fragile line when it comes to questioning or critiquing a parent who has lost a child.


But, I decided to share the video clip with you and give you my honest assessment of it, because I think there’s something “there” that should be talked about.

But I want to say something very sincere before I share the more “negative” stuff with you – I 100 percent believe that Joe Biden deeply loves and admired his son Beau. I think he’s genuinely lost without him and is devastated beyond belief.

I don’t doubt that at all.

No parent should have to bury a child, so my heart goes out to him in that regard. Truly.

However, I also believe 100 percent that Joe Biden uses the death of his son as a political “tool.”

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And after watching this clip, I am more convinced than ever that my theory is spot-on.

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This clip is about 2 minutes long, and it reveals something very disturbing about Joe Biden’s “Beau story.”

When you hear the story once or twice, it’s very compelling – here’s this son, who’s dying, but is more concerned about how his father will go on, and how the father wakes up every day, trying to make his son proud…

I mean, that’s a Hollywood blockbuster movie script – who wouldn’t be touched by that?

And speaking of a Hollywood script… that’s precisely what this looks and sounds like… a script.

Rehearsed words.

A memorized plot.


When you look back at all the times Joe Biden has shared his “feelings” about Beau, and you run it together for 2 minutes on a video clip, it plays out like a perfectly scripted movie.

A movie played over and over so many times, that everyone’s got the lines memorized by now, and can recite them on cue.

It’s creepy. 

You can watch the video below:

The story doesn’t feel organic when you look at the “totality” of how it’s being told repeatedly the same way, every time.

I’m. sorry, it just doesn’t. 

Now, some people will call me a “monster” for bringing this up and that’s fine, I figured that would happen. But I feel strongly about this, and I think there are a lot of you out there who agree with me. It’s one thing to speak organically about a child you’ve lost, it’s another to repeat lines and emotion like an actor.

I think there’s definitely some very well-crafted manipulation going on.

By itself, you feel the emotion, but all together, it reveals something very disturbing and rehearsed.

Just another story a politician memorizes for the campaign trail — a story to tell over and over and over again at each stop.

That’s what this looks and feels like.

And this is why I believe Joe Biden — while loving and desperately missing his son — has also used Beau as a “tool” in his political arsenal to not only make himself look approachable and human but also to garner “sympathy” from voters.

That’s why the story never deviates from the script and is told the same way, over and over, because it works.

That’s also why he paints Beau as a vet who died in battle. He didn’t die in battle. But Joe makes it seem that way.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“It’s like hearing a comedian do the same material every night.”

“This is very off-putting when you view it this way” 

“It’s a shame his handlers make him use his deceased son to boost his ratings. But then he doesn’t seem to mind. He has no moral line.”

“We all know why he never talks about his other *living son.”

“Does this pitch really cause anyone to believe his sincerity? Even if he is sincere how does that qualify him as a leader? I feel sorry for Joe Biden. Poor Joe, going through life with the burden following him everywhere. He cannot be anyone without invoking the dearly departed🙏”

“I have a real issue with how Joe brings up Beau all the time. I don’t like it, it feels like it’s staged and scripted and now that I watched this clip, I can see I was right.” 

I’ve had good friends who have lost their children, and not one of them would EVER exploit their child the way he exploits his kids.”

Joe Biden is a seasoned politician. It’s all he knows. So, is it really a shock that he would do something like this?

I think in his own weird way, Joe believes that he’s showing respect and honor to Beau by using him as part of his political repertoire.


After all, that’s what DC swampers do.

But, to the rest of us, it looks and feels ghoulish.

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