One Online Observer Notices Something Very Odd About Joe Biden’s “Bike Riding”

One Online Observer Notices Something Very Odd About Joe Biden’s “Bike Riding”

Joe Biden likes to go home to Delaware.


A lot.

He spends a great deal of his time back at home. This isn’t shocking when you think about how Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients feel most at ease in comfortable surroundings. Now, I don’t know if that’s what Joe suffers from, but it certainly looks and sounds that way.

And Biden spent a quarter of his first year pretending to be “president” back at home in Delaware.

The New York Post reported that Biden spent 28 percent of his first year as commander-in-chief back home in Delaware, worrying transparency advocates who note that he exempted his homes from visitor log disclosure. That’s a lot of time spent back home. What goes on there? Well, we know his visitor list is private, so many people believe he gets special “medical treatments” at home.

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We also know when he’s home, he suddenly becomes Mr. Athletic and agile.

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All of a sudden, the feeble, shaky old guy we see every day in DC, who needs help just walking off stage, and who is always unsure on his feet, is suddenly transformed into a fitness buff, who is bike riding around Delaware like Lance Armstrong.

How can this be?

That’s what one online observer wants to know.

“Confused how Joe can “ride a bike” but he can’t leave a meeting or walk off stage without assistance..?”

Yes, now that you bring it up, we’re confused too.

I have seen Joe struggle to walk offstage, or just walk in general.

I went and got some examples of Joe’s walking woes. I will say, it’s VERY difficult to find past examples of Joe needing help walking.


It’s as if they’re being scrubbed from the internet.

This was recent when Jill helped Joe physically leave the stage:

And remember when Joe was supposed to be helping a blind man walk, but it was the blind guy who looked to be helping Joe?

Here’s Joe walking by himself, but he should have had some help. He looks like he’s about to tip over.

And who can forget during the campaign when his granddaughter was holding onto him for dear life?

And of course, we can’t forget him falling up the stairs three times.

But that wasn’t the only time he stumbled up the Air Force One steps:

So, how can this shaky, feeble man who is shuffling around DC, and who often needs help to even get offstage, suddenly become this active, vigorous bike rider the moment he hits Delaware?

Seems odd to me.

Here’s what people online have to say about that:

Maybe it ain’t the real Joe? “

“Training wheels, remote control, and editing, duh”

“That’s his body double doing all the stunts” 

“The magic of Hollywood.”

“like in the movies, the bike was being towed on a trailer with him just sitting on it… although, good job Joe for not falling off the stationary bike.”

“I said this EXACT thing yesterday! The man can barely walk across a smooth surface most days yet he’s biking on a curved, uneven road?”

“It’s simple. Little kids are really good at riding bikes but lack the same abilities to answer questions and walk without guidance”

“He only rides on level ground, and only for a photo op.”

“A little adrenachrome does wonders….or so it would seem.”

“They don’t show you the training wheels!”

“Does not seem plausible but maybe it’s true you never forget how to ride a bike even with advanced dementia”

“The guy riding the bike is one of his doubles.”

“I may sound like I have my tin foil hat on, but I’ve wondered the same thing about ‘Biden’ walking by himself on the WH lawn to travel somewhere, ‘wearing a mask’. Convenient? Hmmmm..”

“How many 80 year olds ride a bike? That’s more dangerous than Covid.”

The Handlers really do love to push and promote those bike rides.


I think they feel like one bike ride in Delaware erases all the stumbles, shuffles, and assisted walking that goes on in DC.

And it gives his followers something to “fight back with” when Joe’s critics point out how feeble he looks.

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