Joe Just Found Out His Plan to Blame Putin Has Flopped

Joe Just Found Out His Plan to Blame Putin Has Flopped

Joe Biden and the Dems have been running around the country blaming Putin for everything that’s going wrong.


Namely, soaring gas prices and inflation. Apparently, Dems think Americans are utterly stupid and don’t remember that our gas prices have been climbing since Joe took office, and inflation has been choking the middle class for months now.

So, they came up with a plan to make the bad economy all about their favorite boogeyman Vladimir Putin, hoping Joe would get a pass.

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They’re even calling it Putin’s gas prices and Putin’s inflation.

Shameless liars.

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So, are Americans really that stupid, and do they believe that it’s Vlad’s fault that prices for gas and food are through the roof?

No. Unfortunately for Joe, Americans are not as stupid as he thought they were.

A new ABC poll shows that the only person the vast majority of Americans blame for gas prices and the cruddy economy is Joe Biden.


And if ABC wasn’t proof enough, CBS comes in with more validation that Americans aren’t buying the “Putin Excuse.”


Joe Biden and his climate cult team want to use this situation as a catalyst to strong-arm Americans into buying electric cars.

Sure, someone who can’t afford 5 bucks for a gallon of gas, will somehow be able to afford an electric car that costs around 50K.

And never mind that the country is nowhere near set up to handle a large influx of electric cars – what happens to someone who drives in heavy traffic to work and runs out of a charge in the middle of the freeway?

What do they do?

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And what happens to someone who doesn’t have “charging stations” on their commute to work? They’re supposed to drive 45 minutes out of their way from work to “charge” their car?

I’ve heard horror stories of people waiting 4-6 hours at some “charging stations.”

Imagine how bad the wait time would be if millions and millions more people had electric cars.

Again, the country isn’t ready for that.


But the left doesn’t care about those inconvenient facts. They don’t care if you’re stranded and have no way to get from point A to point B, they just want to pacify their crazed climate cult base and convince them that their radical “green” agenda is moving forward.

Well, by the looks of that CBS question about increasing “oil production,” the “Green New Deal” isn’t a priority for most Americans.

But the only way to stop this dangerous green agenda is to vote these Dems out of office.

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