[VIDEO] It was Howard Kurtz’s Turn to Silence Juan Williams, After He Tried to Re-Write “Laptop History”

[VIDEO] It was Howard Kurtz’s Turn to Silence Juan Williams, After He Tried to Re-Write “Laptop History”

I regret to inform you that Juan Williams is back, and he’s spreading some of his most shameless lies on Fox News.


This time it’s involving Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell.

Thanks to the New York Times finally admitting the obvious and saying the laptop is legit, Hunter and Joe are back in the news for all the wrong reasons.

But don’t worry, Juan Williams is here to re-write history and provide some major “cover” for the lying media hacks and Joe Biden.

“Nobody said it wasn’t accurate,” Fox News political analyst Juan Williams claimed, attempting to downplay the censoring of the Hunter Biden laptop story with a bald-faced lie based on technicalities.

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Williams joined the panel of “Fox News Sunday,” when fill-in presenter Trace Gallagher presented a “short back-and-forth” on the New York Times’ acknowledgment that the 2020 report from the New York Post was true at the close of the show. It detailed how the FBI had Biden’s laptop, which included devastating proof of connections that would create conflicts of interest if his father Joe Biden won the election.

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Gallagher reminded Howard Kurtz that no apologies or retractions have been issued as a result of the validation.

Williams goes on to say, “Nobody said the laptop wasn’t true.”

What? Juan is smoking crack with Hunter Biden, apparently. 

Everybody said it wasn’t true and forbade anyone from sharing it online… and someone could have easily proven it legit, the point was nobody wanted to do that.

It was all a cover for Joe. 

“Juan, it is an incredible humiliation that the media downplayed or disregarded or mocked or diminished this issue, which The New York Times now claims is under active federal investigation for suspected tax evasion,” Howard Kurtz said.

Juan claims everyone was just being “rightfully cautious” because of all the “Russian disinformation” in the last election.


There wasn’t Russian disinformation in the last election. That’s a lie. Hillary and the entire globalist establishment sucks.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying about Juan:

“Juan Williams… I can’t believe he says these things with a straight face. Delusional.”

Get ready because this is going to be the #Democrats new talking points for why they #coverup #HunterBidensLaptop during the #2020Election

“What do you expect from Juan Williams he’s Washington Post guy that hates Trump like all the other Democrats do that constantly tell lies”

“Same old radical racist Juan Williams”

“Juan is just preposterous.”

“Do you really expect anything different of course he’s gonna lie can you name me Democrats who don’t live every day ???????”

“Why is this lying gasbag given a platform?” 


The media and Dems will continue to use Russia as its scapegoat for China-like censorship, the same way they will keep using COVID for power grabs when they need it.

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