[VIDEO] Judge Jeanine Torches Geraldo’s Mustache Right Off His Face in Fiery Takedown

[VIDEO] Judge Jeanine Torches Geraldo’s Mustache Right Off His Face in Fiery Takedown

It’s not very often you’ll see someone actually shut Geraldo up. But that’s what happened on “The Five” when Judge Jeanine schooled Geraldo on all things Russia/Trump/Biden.


People like Geraldo live in a fantasy world, where Joe Biden is some “competent leader” who is well-respected and feared throughout the world.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The man is a dementia-riddled, shaky old buffoon who is a political punchline, and the reason Putin and China (soon) are running amuck is that they have no fear of Joe or his feckless, neurotic “woke” administration.

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These issues never came up when President Trump was in office because he was actually respected and his “peace through strength” policy was widely known and feared.

President Trump was also not suffering from severe cognitive issues and he never sounded like an old man wandering around, looking for the BINGO room at his assisted living facility.

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So, that’s what Judge Jeanine and Geraldo were arguing about, and Juge Jeanine torched Geraldo so savagely, I’d be surprised if he still had that big goofy mustache on his face.


You can watch the video below:

This situation is very inconvenient for Biden supporters. It’s hard for them to reconcile Putin’s brashness and bravado when Biden was bragging for months that Putin “feared” him becoming “president.”


Now, we’re supposed to suspend all rational thinking and assume that Putin did not make these bold moves under President Trump simply because he was already so happy with how things were going, and now, under Biden, he’s so scared, that he’s lashing out.

This is the logic that they expect us to believe… It’s absurd, but this is what people do when their entire narrative is crumbling right before their eyes.

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