[VIDEO] Former Justice Stephen Breyer FINALLY Gives Update On Justice Clarence Thomas

[VIDEO] Former Justice Stephen Breyer FINALLY Gives Update On Justice Clarence Thomas

There’s been a lot of PANIC happening on the right over how Justice Clarence Thomas is doing.


This past weekend we heard he was in the hospital with “flu-like” symptoms and that he’d be out in a day or two.

By Wednesday, SCOTUS spox was declining to discuss Justice Thomas, or even tell us if he was in or out of the hospital.

Bizarre, and very concerning for many people.


I saw the reactions online and people were in a complete panic, and the left was already picking out their next “nominee.”

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Well, I am happy to report that I went hunting today to find some updates on Justice Thomas, and I found one from former Justice Stephen Breyer, who says, not to worry, that Justice Thomas is just fine.

TMZ reported that Justice Stephen Breyer is reassuring folks, his colleague, Justice Clarence Thomas, is not in any danger after being hospitalized for an infection.
We got the retiring Justice Wednesday outside Cafe Milano … a favorite watering hole for Washington bigwigs.

Justice Thomas was hospitalized last Friday after he experienced flu-like symptoms. Turns out it was an infection, which was being treated with IV antibiotics.
The SCOTUS Public Information Office said a few days ago, Thomas was expected to be released Tuesday, but on Wednesday the PIO was mum, not saying if Thomas is back home or still laid up in the hospital.


Justice Breyer said simply, Thomas is fine.



I know Justice Breyer isn’t a doctor, but that update made me feel better because I know the two of them are very close friends.

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