Watch: One Talented Meme Artist Makes Epic 13-Second Video Welcoming Justice Thomas Home

Watch: One Talented Meme Artist Makes Epic 13-Second Video Welcoming Justice Thomas Home

With all the cruddy news and non-stop sideshow from Bumbling Joe, sometimes it’s nice just to take a break from all that negative stuff, and enjoy something that will just make you smile.


And there’s nowhere better to get “smile stuff” than from our amazingly talented meme artists.

And one of the best out there goes by the online name Drefanzor.

He makes some of the best and funniest video clips that you see on your timelines and in groups.

He actually came up with another winner recently, it’s only 13-seconds long, but it’s so creative and a lot of fun, so I wanted to share it with you.

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As you know, Justice Thomas was recently admitted to the hospital with some kind of infection.

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Thankfully, it was nothing too serious, and he’s already back home.

He went home on Friday, actually.

And Drefanzor made this brilliant meme to welcome the legendary Clarence Thomas back home.

I think it’s perfect.



Thank goodness Justice Thomas is home safe and sound.

Keep praying for him though, because right now the left is talking about impeaching him over harmless text messages between him and his wife.

The left never stops working to take down their enemies.


Republicans need to behave the same exact way if we have any hope of winning this battle.

In the meantime, this happy little video was a nice distraction… Welcome home, Justice Thomas!

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